Indian Orthodox Mercy Fellowship (IOMF), P.O.Box: 21248 , Safat 13073, Kuwait.

A Brief Overview

The main activities of the Organization are centered around assisting the less fortunate individuals who are financially helpless. Even though the epicentre of our activities is the state of Kerala, as of recent, IOMF has made arrangements to reach out to other parts of India.

How do we do it?

We raise the funds solely by means of voluntary contributions of members, well-
wishers and Patrons. In addition, payment of tithe is also an accepted practice among members. The funds are kept in designated Bank Accounts and Members gather monthly to meet together, review and screen the applications for Aid. Necessary inquiries are made through the sources of IOMF where needed and applications are approved on merit. The aid amount is dispatched to the recipient. The decision of the IOMF General Body with respect to award of Aid is final.